Information about the Collections

All Documents
All the documents presented in have been assigned to a document type. These categories can also be used in the detailed search function in order to specify the query.

All written documents, whether whole volumes or single sheets, and with the exception of letters, can be found in the big collection “Texts”. This group contains the manuscripts of literary, historical and scholarly works, also lecture notes, certificates, minutes, lists and receipts.

“Letters” are defined as those written documents, which were sent to a recipient. This encompasses letters, correspondence cards, postcards, and telegrams including drafts and carbon copies. They emanate from estates of private papers or from collections of letters and autographs.

Music Notes
The collection “Music Notes” comprises all musical genres and forms. The handwritten music notations may take the form of manuscripts or transcriptions mainly from scores, piano scores or parts. They may also emanate from estates of private papers or from the libraries of various societies, or may simply be in the form of individual documents.

The collection “Pictures” contains drawings and sketches, which are archived as separate sheets, but it also pertains to albums and books consisting of illustrations. Photographs and photographic negatives are all located here too. These documents may be single objects from an estate of private papers, or components of a larger coherent collection.

Maps, Plans
The collection “Maps, Plans” comprises hand-drawn cartographic material, panoramas and profiles. Architectural plans and technical drawings for machines and instruments are also located here.

The collection “Various” contains items which can not be assigned to any other group.

Selected Documents
Certain documents which are assigned to the categories “Persons, Institutions”, “Thematic” or “Document Type” constitute additional collections. These additional collections may be utilised as filters in the advanced search function. This service is currently being developed.